Finacial Tips

Finacial Tips

Retail Payment Solutions

One day, you decide to open a business. Whether it’s internet based, a stand-alone office site, or in a strip mall, you will find something new every single day that you need or want.  As time passes, you eventually realize you also need a better way to accept payments. Cash and checks do not work on the internet, and there’s too much involved accepting checks at your business location. So, you go to the internet and see what’s available.

You find online and discover retail solutions you’ve never heard of. Welcome to merchant services, the safe, quick, and secure way to accept payment from anywhere and everywhere. Even if you’re a pet groomer who drives from house to house, you can accept payment on the spot. Lawn maintenance payment?  No problem.  If your client has a credit card, you can accept their payment. With ARX Payment Services, you can accept every possible form of payment making your customer service experience even better. They’re happy and you’re happy. No more bounced checks and Insufficient Funds notifications. You’ll know on the spot.

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Finacial Tips

Merchant Services Companies In Orlando

ARX is one of the most reputable merchant services companies in Orlando, which offers merchant services to commercial and retail businesses in the area of Orlando, Florida. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, this boutique merchant firm sets itself apart from the rest with its innovative means of Ecommerce solutions. ARX offers each and every business they work with a personalised service that is completely tailored to their needs. ARX knows that a small retail business has different needs and goals than a large online commerce company.


For retail businesses, ARX provides the most advanced technology for the Point of Sales (POS) retail systems. Whether you’re new to business or looking to expand and grow, a POS retail solution is the perfect place to start. ARX has a wide range of secure, high quality POS terminals and systems to allow your business to accept almost every form of payment from your customers and clients. ARX prides itself on its use of the new software system of micro-browser technology in their POS models, which means that physical updating and modifying the terminal is no longer necessary, and you also get support for both dial up and Ethernet connections. ARX offers revolutionary technologies of EMV Smart terminal systems and Mobile checkout POS’s technology so that you can be confident that you’re staying up to date with the latest software for your business. Your very own POS system is more than just a transaction technology, beyond accepting payments and processing sales, the functions of inventory and employee management, fast automation and customer data details are all available for you to utilize.


If you are considering this technology for your business, take a look at ARX’s wide range of services available. Call them for a no-cost audit to find the right POS terminal for you.

Finacial Tips

5 Tips To Raise Your Credit Score

Credit scores are the most influential deciding factor in whether or not you get your loan, mortgage, lease or credit card. Many people may not think about their own credit score until it is too late, left wondering why they were knocked back. It is important to be aware of your financial behavior before you attempt to seek support. This will ensure confidence when you apply. Here are the top 5 tips on how to ensure a credit rating that will boost your chances of success:


#1:Be aware of your financial stats

Credit scorers take into account the types of your accounts, how long they’ve been open, the fluctuations in balance, your history of payments, and the current status of your accounts.


#2: Regularly pay off debt

If you pay your credit card or debt bills each month, this will be a advantageous statistic to have in your account activity, revealing that you pay on-time and maintain a regular commitment.


#3: Never allow late payments

If there are multiple instances of late repayments of debts, bills and overdrawn fees in your account, this will bode negatively on your score, as it shows a lack of ability to repay.


#4: Pay debt off the smart way

If you pay off the accounts and cards that have the highest interest rates first, then this will directly improve your overall score, whilst also cutting down fees and interests. The more credit that is closer to your limit, the more this will impact your overall score, so be sure to know how close you are to your limit so that you can catch it early.


#5: Gain trust through starting small

A small installment loan is a great option to build credit scores. Simply, this loan is repaid over a period of time with scheduled payments. Having this in your financial history when applying for a larger loan is a perfect way to demonstrate that you are credit worthy in the regular repayments of the loan (even if repayments are very low).

It’s all about being finance savvy in staying on top of debts and repayments, and creating a financial portfolio that demonstrates your integrity and capability to repay.

Finacial Tips

10 Easy Ways to Start Saving Money Today

Mortgage Savings TipsSaving money and budgeting can seem almost impossible when everywhere we go there seems to be some type of expense. How do people do it? How do people stay committed enough? Well, budgeting can actually be quite simple. That is, as long as you are truly dedicated.


These budgeting and savings tips are ones that you can start doing today to bring you a stable financial future. We’re not asking you to only eat one meal a day and to sell all your belongings. These are realistic and achievable saving techniques that you’ll definitely want to commit to if you’re saving or strategizing a budget.


  1. Sit Down With Your Money


Update yourself weekly on your spending. Did you spend more than you wanted to on food or entertainment? Are there areas where you didn’t expect to spend? Informing yourself on your financial status weekly will help keep your budget on track. Keep your spending on a mapped out, goal-oriented course.


  1. Cut Out Cable


With the many streaming services available, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, cable seems to be another expense you could go without. Cable prices are only increasing and projected to grow to an average of $123 per month or $1,476 per year. That’s quite an amount of money that can be saved for other financial goals.


  1. Save On Food


Food is a necessity so you can’t cut it out. But what you can cut is your spending. There are multiple ways to save on food that you just probably hadn’t thought of or committed to. For example, plan your meals for the week and cook at home, have a potluck with friends instead of going out, or make coffee at home. Dollars spent on a quick bite here and there can really add up, so it’s all about planning.


  1. Travel Financially Smart


With modern leverage lodging rental websites like Airbnb, Travelmob, or Housetrip, you can often find a place to stay for vacation at a fraction of the hotel price. Plus these places often have kitchens you can cook in (to save more money) and you could rent out your place at the same time (more money!).


  1. Work More


This one seems obvious, but if your job allows it be sure to do it. Or get a side job or freelance. This also leaves less time for spending.


  1. Wait 48 Hours Before You Click “Buy”


Don’t buy items on impulse. Especially in the era of digital shopping, wait 48 hours before purchasing. You’ll often realize you really don’t need that extra jacket.


  1. DIY


You can find plenty of “do it yourself” instructionals online to help you either fix things, create presents, or make household beauty treatments. Save money and learn a lifelong skill.


  1. Impress Yourself, Not Others


Learn to be impressed with your savings progress instead of attempting to keep up with other people’s spending habits. Just because someone has a fancy car or purse doesn’t mean you need one. Impress yourself with your money saving abilities.


  1. Chill With Your FOMO


The same concept applies with the “fear of missing out” or FOMO. Just because someone goes out for drinks everyday, doesn’t mean you have to. You’ll ultimately be happier with your savings accomplishments and forget that missed party.


  1. Don’t Get Discouraged


Even if your savings don’t seem to be going up exponentially, that doesn’t mean you should give up. Start by taking small steps and soon you’ll make a habit and then a lifestyle out of saving. Saving one percent more is better than nothing, so do your best and stick it out.


Finacial Tips

Learn How to Use a Biweekly Mortgage Calculator to Save Cash on Your Home

Right after the thrill of purchasing your dream house comes the reality of paying your mortgage. Most people stick with the traditional classic monthly loan payment plan, not realizing the time- and money-saving benefits of a biweekly mortgage payment strategy.


Many people wrongly assume that making biweekly mortgage payments means they’ll be paying twice as much. Not true! In fact, the additional money each month amounts to about 1/12th of your normal monthly payment: If your payment is $1,200 a month, you’ll only add on about an additional $100 a month.


If you like the thought of saving money and eliminating debt quickly, let’s take a closer look at a biweekly payment program and how making use of the AutoPayPlus biweekly mortgage calculator can show you how to save big on your home loan.


How AutoPayPlus Biweekly Payments Work


With the AutoPayPlus biweekly mortgage program, you’re debited one-half of the typical monthly mortgage payment every two weeks. There are 52 weeks each year, so that means 26 half payments will be withdrawn from your account, adding one extra monthly payment to principal per year. This shortens the life span of your loan and decreases the total amount of interest paid over time. You’ll be able to use those extra debt-free years to more fully appreciate life, or put funds away to create financial security for the future.


You can schedule automatic biweekly payment withdrawals with AutoPayPlus. You can even add extra payments to pay off your loan faster and save more on interest.


How to Use of the AutoPayPlus Biweekly Mortgage Calculator


It’s easy — go to the AutoPayPlus mortgage savings calculator and follow a few simple steps. Let’s use a sample mortgage of $250,000 for 30 years at 4.25% interest.


Enter 250000.00 for the complete loan amount, 30 years for the term (or put in the number of months till your loan matures) and 4.25 for the interest. Enter the exact date that your loan begins, or the date it started if it’s a current loan. Then hit the calculate button to see your results: You’re able to pay off the loan 52 months early and save up to $31,000!


The calculator shows your new biweekly payments, debt-freedom date and interest saved. Clear the fields to play with different scenarios and to view how adding extra money to your biweekly payment can dramatically boost your savings on interest and get you out of debt a lot faster.


AutoPayPlus can assist you in paying down debt more rapidly. Withdrawals out of your account every other week match conveniently with paychecks and your monthly budget, and an added half-payment twice a year toward principal reduces interest over the life of the loan. Visit this informative website to use a biweekly mortgage payment calculator and discover more ways to save money!